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Meet Debi M.

Debi M. came to Maureen’s Haven soon after her elderly mother pasted away. She was unaware of the details of a reverse mortgage, she lost the home, and quickly found herself homeless. She faced many difficult challenges, and having struggled with alcohol in the past, she was afraid she would return to a life of alcoholism.

She came to Maureen’s Haven, where the staff keep her safe, supported her sobriety, and encouraged her to stay strong and focused on the better days ahead. She made it through a difficult winter, and with the support of Maureen’s Haven, she eventually found a place to live.

Debi eventually found a new room in a new home, a full-time job, and is living a life with renewed hope. She is active in her recovery and recently celebrated 5 years of being sober. She also enjoys stopping by Maureen’s Haven and showing everyone that it is possible that with the right support systems, they can be find housing, stay sober, and have opportunities in life.

Meet Kenny L.

Kenny L. was struggling with his addiction for many years and eventually, he found himself homeless. By time he found Maureen’s Haven, he had lost his family, his job, and was sleeping on the streets or behind a local church.

Maureen’s Haven welcomed Kenny and he soon saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He found hope and people that believed in him and his recovery. Over time, he overcame his addiction, but not after having the spend a long winter in our shelter program.  The staff at Maureen’s Haven worked closely with Kenny to make sure that had the tools and resources he needed to be successful, and eventually Kenny found a place to live, a job, and is active in his recovery.

Kenny is now thriving. He has a glowing, positive attitude and he now looks forward to facing each day with clarity, determination and a newly found optimism. Kenny is one of many shining examples of how Maureen’s Haven have had a direct and lasting impact on so many people in our community.